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Player name: Zs1
Character Name: Princess Alicia or simply "Allura"
Character Canon: TЯAPT
Canon point: After Ch. 11 "Mother", having killed Queen Catalina


Abilities: Christ, where do I start? Maybe with the list, or how they work?

How the "Fiend" powers work:
When threatened or, otherwise in need to kill/sacrifice, a draconic-demonic glove wraps around Alicia's right arm. From this, she can generate 'traps' of various kinds, with the intent on killing. Though the traps themselves are various, they have their own limits, such as where certain things can be placed. "Floor" traps can only be set on solid ground, no matter the type. "Wall" types can only be set against solid partitions. Something that might designate the 'perimeter' of the room. Assorted pillars and the like won't qualify. "Ceiling" traps are ambiguous, as they are simply set 'above' one's head. They can even exist where there is no roof, but they can't be set over traps already placed on the floor.

Aside from the catch of 'overlap', the downside is each trap type can only be set one-at-a-time (one floor, one ceiling, one wall). Changing to a different trap of a category requires waiting for the prior to run their course if in action. And repeated use is pretty much out of the question as her powers have a cool-down after activating each one; hit or miss, she can't use them again or switch until the cool down ends. Sure, these are 'in game' rules, but they can just as easily applied in simply logs, or combat incidents.

The upside to this 'trap' power is the sheer number and variance on the traps themselves! But because of the numerous variety, it's faster to actually link to another entry that has everything written out for you!

Personality: Princess Alicia is a fairly headstrong girl. While she is a pampered princess, she's not a prissy little girl who just falls in line whenever she's told. This mostly comes out around her step-mother (using the term as loose as possible), whom she refuses to accept as family, despite her father's re-marriage. She actually proves herself rather stubborn regularly; fighting off predators when she's clearly in a lose-lose situation, and almost completely defying the will of "The Fiend"

But she proves herself a little ball of contradictions most of the time as well. Given most everybody and their poor grandma (this is not a joke) in the nearby villages has come after her for revenge or money, she sympathizes with their plight, only to run away and kill them.
In the same breath she feels sorry for them, or fears for her life, she'll kill someone against her will. Granted "against her will" is a matter of perspective; but to her, it is when the devil tells you, "If you don't kill others, I'll kill you".

And to pile onto the mess of contradictions that make many a heroine in a horror setting... she's most definitely determined to find out just WHY her father was assassinated, and why she was so quickly put to blame when witnesses can account for her innocence. Despite all the impending doom and tragedy that befalls, even at her own hands, she plans on trudging onward to find out what all this conspiracy that's stuck her in a contract with The Fiend is. Even if it's nearly killed her.

As the princess, this girl does her job poorly. Allura lives her life with blinders on; she hears the plights of others, even the people of her own kingdom, but she never acts to anyone's aid; a trait that seems to be running in the family as of late. But being just the princess, she's not accustomed to others asking for her aid directly, nor does she ask for the aid of others. She's come to expect people to simply HELP her because she was the princess; and many a good man (and woman) have died for her sake, when she could have easily stepped up and put her power to use.

And on that, she agrees with everyone else, that she is cursed by having the Fiend's power. It is a demonic power after all, and all those who come after have died. She wishes there was a better way to use the power, but only sees it as an evil tool to keep her body and soul in tact. Though she has managed to slay truly evil people, it doesn't stack up against the dozens of soldiers and villagers left in her bloody wake. Nearly after every 'slaughter' of the semi-innocent, she breaks down in tears, remorseful for her actions.

RP Sample:

Notes: The game has conflicting interests in what to call the protagonist. The in-tact Japanese dialog in the game refers to her as "Alicia-hime", but the translated English text reads "Allura". My resolution to this has been that she is, properly, Princess Alicia, but, due to the bounty on her head thanks to Queen Catalina, she's going by Allura to at least throw off some suspicion and the lesser intelligent pursuers.

The aforementioned list of traps is located here.
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Name: Mega Rock
Description: Giant falling rock.
Comments: Nothing fancy here. It's just a plain huge rock to drop on people. It
can be hard to link into combos since you can't place a floor trap underneath
it, but you can get creative and roll it down stairs, or use a push wall to
roll it at enemies.

Name: Iron Ball
Description: Giant iron ball.
Comments: Does slightly more damage than the regular mega rock, with a longer
charge time. It bounces off walls, and is pulled in by magnet-type traps

Name: Flare Rock
Description: Giant flaming rock.
Comments: Just like the mega rock, except it deals more damage and sets people
on fire.

Name: Snowball
Description: Snowball envelops foes.
Comments: Cute. Doesn't do too much damage, but it catches enemies and rolls them along, if it's rolling.

Name: Volt Rock
Description: Giant electrified rock.
Comments: The king of rocks. A variation of the flare rock, except this time it
electrocutes people. If dropped in a body of water, everything in the water
gets shocked. The most damaging of the ceiling traps.

Name: Evil Stomp
Description: Devil stomps on foes.
Comments: This was originally a secret trap in the original Kagero. What makes
the evil stomp special is that it nullifies defense, meaning that no enemy can
resist getting hit with it.

Name: Vase
Description: Covers head and blinds.
Comments: Useful not for the damage it inflicts, but the fact that it charges
quickly and most enemies have no defense against its blinding effect.

Name: Oil Vase
Description: Blinds & covers in oil.
Comments: Hitting an "oiled" enemy with a fire based trap sets them running
around ablaze. While funny to watch, it's probably more productive to use
another trap.

Name: Washpan
Description: Infuriating washpan.
Comments: Hitting an enemy with this puts them in the "anger" condition. While
angry the enemy will attempt to attack you directly, which makes them an easy
target for your traps.

Name: Pendulum
Description: Blade on chain.
Comments: This trap was introduced in Deception III, and is quite useful
throughout the game. It hits everything in a three square block, and knocks the
opponent in the direction you set it in. It can also be used to hit switches
and knock over pillars.

Name: Huge Saw
Description: Saw cuts into enemies.
Comments: This trap drops a saw blade from the ceiling, which then rolls along
the floor in the direction you set it in. The saw continues to roll until it
hits an object or wall.

Name: Guillotine
Description: Slices the enemy.
Comments: This trap sends three guillotine blades down from the ceiling.

Name: Punisher
Description: Giant saw shreds foes.
Comments: A mounted saw blade drops down, hits for a few times, then sends an enemy flying in the set direction. It's... still not very good except on downed opponents.

Name: Mega Yo-yo
Description: Falling bladed yo-yo.
Comments: Similar to the pendulum. Unlike the pendulum however, the yo-yo
cannot knock over pillars.

Name: Falling Needle
Description: Falling spiked ceiling.
Comments: It's a plate of spikes that falls down. It registers as a 'boulder' for enemies that have a defence against it.

Name: Death Hammer
Description: Spiked hammer.
Comments: This obscenely powerful trap hits everything in a 3 x 3 square, and
nullifies defense. When activated a pole drops from the ceiling and swings a
huge spiked mace around in a circle repeatedly, mowing down everything in the vicinity. When the trap finishes the hammer shoots off to the west. Note that if the enemy falls close enough to the hammer after being struck they can actually be struck a second time when they get back up.


Name: Push Wall
Description: Pushes enemies back.
Comments: Don't let the basic premise fool you. This is one of the best traps
in the game in terms of utility.

Name: Guilty Lance
Description: Wall spears spring out.
Comments: A decent trap early on. Think of it as an arrow trap with limited
range. It strikes, draws them back, then strikes again!

Name: Magnet Wall
Description: Draws foes toward it.
Comments: Until you get the vacuum floor, this will be one of the more devious
tools in your arsenal. Use this to draw an enemy to an immobilization floor trap, and then nail them with a strong ceiling trap.

Name: Smash Wall
Description: Sends enemy flying.
Comments: The push wall on steroids. It's useful for knocking an enemy into a
room trap, or into range of one of your ceiling traps.

Name: Maiden's Hug
Description: Iron maiden hugs foes.
Comments: An iron maiden opens on the wall and pushes outward, grabbing any nearby enemies and moving them back to the wall.

Name: Press Wall
Description: Big wall crushes foes.
Comments: The press wall has an extremely long charge time for a wall trap, and it takes even longer to activate, but it does quite a bit of damage and covers a wide area.

Name: Evil Kick
Description: Devil punts enemies.
Comments: The evil kick knocks enemies clear across the room, and like the other evil traps nullifies defense. It's also useful to knock over hard to reach pillars with.

Name: Arrow Slit
Description: Fires a speedy arrow.
Comments: The default missile trap is useful more for its speedy charge time
rather than damage.

Name: Buzzsaw
Description: Saw cuts and pushes.
Comments: The combination of a missile and a knockback trap is extremely
useful. Creative people will definitely find uses for this.

Name: Triple Arrow
Description: 3 arrows are fired.
Comments: It's not as useful as the standard arrow trap, but it does tack on
two free hits as part of a combo.

Name: Cold Arrow
Description: Ice arrow freezes foes.
Comments: A missile and immobilization trap all rolled into one.

Name: Javelin
Description: Electrified spear.
Comments: It's not all that great really, unless you want to arc lightning across the room.

Name: Rolling Bomb
Description: Floor trap explodes on contact.
Comments: Useful for it's ability to roll down stairs. Don't get too close to
the explosion or you'll get hit as well.

Name: Boomerang
Description: Cuts foes and returns.
Comments: The boomerang is unique among projectile traps as it fires a short
distance then returns on another arc.

Name: Fireball
Description: Rolls along floor.
Comments: Sets people aflame and ignites flammable traps.

Name: Death Iron
Description: Electrified iron bomb.
Comments: Basically the death iron is a projectile trap that fires a volt rock as a
missile. The rock also leaves a trail of electricity in its wake, dealing electric damage in addition to the impact damage.


Name: Spring Floor
Description: Launches enemies.
Comments: I'd rather immobilize enemies than launch them in the air, but
creative people love using this to send foes into room traps most people never
even touch, like stained glass windows and deer heads.

Name: Smash Floor
Description: Launches even further.
Comments: A spring floor on steroids.

Name: Rising Floor
Description: Tosses foes upwards.
Comments: Very limited applications, but if you want to send someone into the
slaughter fan there's no better way to do so.

Name: Catapult
Description: Fires foe like bullet.
Comments: Shoots enemies across the whole room, following floor curves and everything.

Name: Delta Horse
Description: Hits from below.
Comments: Immobilizes the enemy if it hits. And it hits square between the legs too. Every time.

Name: Devil Upper
Description: Devil uppercuts enemy.
Comments: Acts like a powerful spring floor that nullifies defense. This
trap is extremely useful for one optional, but incredibly difficult, boss

Name: Bear Trap
Description: Immobilizes the enemy.
Comments: It doesn't work on knights (they're too heavy) or thieves and assassins (they're too fast), but on vanilla foes there's no easier way to start a combo.

Name: Spark Rod
Description: Electrifies floor.
Comments: Unlike the bear trap, the spark rod works on just about any enemy
that doesn't have electric immunity. It also does a good job on electrifying
bodies of water.

Name: Vacuum Floor
Description: Sucks the enemy in.
Comments: Hands down the best floor immobilization trap in the game. Very few
enemies can resist magnetism, and the vacuum floor sucks up enemies in a 5 tile radius. While certain agile enemies can run fast enough to resist getting sucked to the center, if they're running towards or on top of the trap when it's activated, it's a guaranteed hit. On top of that, this trap has an amazingly short charge time.

Name: Thunder Jail
Description: Electrified cage.
Comments: A throwback to the original Deception, but this time the cage comes
out of the ground instead of the ceiling.

Name: Hanging Chain
Description: Constricting chain.
Comments: An unusual trap that knocks enemies to the ground, then lifts them up
into the air. It's useful for holding enemies in place to hit them with a room
trap (such as a cart).

Name: Blast Bomb
Description: Sends enemies flying.
Comments: Pretty basic, but, can almost hit things on adjacent squares too.

Name: Hellfire
Description: Launches foes airborne.
Comments: This classic Deception bomb blows away anyone within a one-tile
radius. Useful for dislodging certain objects from the ceiling.

Name: Quake Bomb
Description: Earthquake stuns foes.
Comments: It stuns anything that stands on the ground, but, atop that it sets off every nearby room trap and device too.

Name: Banana Peel
Description: Cruelly trips foes.
Comments: Anything that steps on it gets flipped over and dropped on their back, and ignores defenses for the most part.

Name: Death Pillar
Description: Devil's pillar appears.
Comments: Basically it makes a pillar shoot out of the ground. It's got spikes on the side of it too...


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